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another unwanted
by the light of a dying day
i retreat
as unhappily as my heart could beat,
as breaths could sing,
Did I ever choose?
I think not.
just give a hushed
   "oh well."
seal it with a
m a gic s p ell,
you're just
t a l e to
:iconhiddenshadowspirit:HiddenShadowSpirit 0 0
Do You
Thy eyes see no polished diamond
Just thy swollen fallacies
:iconhiddenshadowspirit:HiddenShadowSpirit 1 0
Iridescent illusions fleeting across a crumbling path,
as trembling hands sew
what is left of
a lovely visage.
Imminent disasters
that send the world
falling to its knees,
as the backdrop of the universe
bends against the will
of its god,
and the fear-stricken children
of this realm are demolished
upon swimming in never-ending flows
of hate and ignorance.
Open your eyes,
all that seems to be beneficial
to your rotting human existence,
will drain you of your will to live.
Your body, like the discards of a dull record
on a lifeless day,
will be disposed of
like the waste of flesh that it is.
:iconhiddenshadowspirit:HiddenShadowSpirit 2 2
I have to take a second look,
delve into the past that has shaped the sufferings of my mind,
I stepped on the shards of the mirror,
my blood covers the floor.
I realize that I am barefoot, that I am not breathing.
Who is this?
A scar sits upon my chest, from where I attempted
to pierce my lungs,
but the few tears I cried
were those of happiness.
What have I become?
I am confused,
all the papers have been scattered, and I search
for the one that bears the truth,
as soon as the building is set to flames.
I inhale the smoke.
Too familiar of a feeling.
:iconhiddenshadowspirit:HiddenShadowSpirit 3 5
Haziness of the lights, blurred vision
breath shortened to weak rasps,
hands frail, the weapon is dropped,
and into the room the rest run.
Faces looming above, they stare you down,
eyes filled with fight, tears falling,
cries echoing,
echoing in the chambers of my mind.
Go away.
Cloth to neck,
panic and fury,
our eyes meet.
Slight smile, clothing is colored bright.
Final sight of your lips, and darkness floods,
as faint sirens screech
in the distance.
:iconhiddenshadowspirit:HiddenShadowSpirit 2 5
You and I
Lingering through my dreams,
Grasping my hand,
in a gentle dance,
across the field of swaying flowers.
Holding you close,
embracing against the shine of the sun,
soothed by the touch of the wind.
And laying in the rain,
just you and I,
hoping to be yours till the end of time.
I close my eyes,
and hope
till the beating of the rain
:iconhiddenshadowspirit:HiddenShadowSpirit 2 0
I Love You
I love you more than anything
more than anyone,
I'll miss you more than I miss anything,
even the bliss that I had lost
I want you more than my hidden desires
that tug at my aching heart
But it seems that you have ran off,
out of my arms,
and out of sight
And I'm sorry
for saying all the wrong words,
and being all the wrong things.
I love you
so even if you don't come back,
my love will forever be for no one but you.
:iconhiddenshadowspirit:HiddenShadowSpirit 2 11
To Whom it Doesn't Concern
I've truly realized how none of you care.
You act as if you do, but in the end, you are concerned with no one but yourselves.
I had never asked for much. A simple kindness was worth too much to give, it seems, but I understand.
I wasn't the person you were looking to give it to.
I learned that I've never wanted to be.
Never wanted to breathe, never wanted to live.
Mostly because, there is nothing worth living for, not even myself.
Why must I suffer? Why do I let myself face this agony and this pain?
You say that this is selfish, because it'll only inflict pain upon others, but there'll be none.
Because you don't care.
It is selfish of you to degrade me for wanting release, for letting me crumble and wither away.
But you don't care.
You're just like everyone else. And hopefully you will suffer just as much as I have to.
It's unbearable. It's indescribable.
It's consumed me.
I've turned into this monster.
And it's time that I rid the world of it.
:iconhiddenshadowspirit:HiddenShadowSpirit 0 11
I don't care
I no longer care
It's just a mere wound,
just another drop of blood,
and just a little sob.
It becomes routine,
part of the coldness of your hearts.
Please tell me why God has chosen me
to live on this planet.
Somberly, along this oppressive path.
I wanted nothing.
And you got everything.
:iconhiddenshadowspirit:HiddenShadowSpirit 2 10
The Face that Stares Back
I lie to the face that stares back,
To retain its false happiness
and though it never lasts,
the dreadful satisfaction
is all that keeps it
I turn away from its cold stare,
and run, but it follows,
yearning for my love.
Shatter the mirror.
It mocks me.
:iconhiddenshadowspirit:HiddenShadowSpirit 3 2
The Time Has Come
The time has come.
I've prepared
I've listened
I've pondered
I know that
my choices are limited.
Don't stop me, your efforts are futile
This is how the story ends.
:iconhiddenshadowspirit:HiddenShadowSpirit 1 6
I Dream
Eyes shut against the light of the universe,
I dream,
Standing in the center of the world,
As the Earth gently breathes,
and weeps,
yet dances freely.
I cry
Yet there are no tears,
And where is the pulse that is to pull life
throughout my veins?
I've searched, but there is none.
And I am left without a soul,
because I sense none.
All that I possess is emptiness.
:iconhiddenshadowspirit:HiddenShadowSpirit 1 10
My Pain
This pain is nothing but my desire
Nothing but my wish
All that I want, and all that I wish to be
It is who I am
And I want it
:iconhiddenshadowspirit:HiddenShadowSpirit 1 8
I've fallen into an endless pit of fury and despair,
I stumbled- I'm sorry, do you hear me- I stumbled and fell in,
Head first, arms tightly tied behind my back,
wrists held together by the ropes of confusion and burning hatred
of all that I wished never to have done.
I am mindless, a slave to you all,
nothing but a spirit restlessly lurking in a world, unloved and alone,
had wished for nothing but another to walk along my path, the both of us, hand-in-hand,
as we watch the sun take its cache behind the world.
The breath of life slowly flows through my arms, then seeps out of my fingertips as I struggle
to take another breath, just for another glimpse of your flawless face.
Wishing to never have been born, never to have lived to see another day,
because all is lost, my world has been drained of color,
and is slowly collapsing underneath the weight of my own agony.
This suffering- I deserve,
all the more as you deserve your peace and love,
and though I'd do anything to release myself of
:iconhiddenshadowspirit:HiddenShadowSpirit 1 0
A Thousand Voices
A thousand voices scream at me
But all I hear is the murkiness of my mind
as it soothes me to pieces,
and asks me
Where Darkness ends,
and where the Light begins.
I am not alone because
the sorrow is here to guide me
through the gates of the unknown.
And at the gates the shadows stand with
pale and disinterested visages,
welcoming me in shame and disappointment,
breaths icy against my discolored flesh.
And I ponder the reason to my escape, sitting underneath the flickering light
of the cell,
when I know that no matter where my soul is to travel,
the emptiness of my eyes will set me apart from the rest of the
:iconhiddenshadowspirit:HiddenShadowSpirit 1 3




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